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Baldazo Cleaning began working with customers in the Kilgore, TX area in 2021, and our janitorial service, along with every other offer, has been the top choice for countless customers! People see qualified professionals when they look at our team, and they immediately know that we will be offering perfection no matter how dirty their property is!

Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

Our Cleaning Is PreciseĀ 

Cleaning cannot be a hack job – the process has to be exceptional and precise – otherwise, everything will go wrong, and the results won’t be as pictured. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be accurate with our residential and commercial cleaning. We don’t want any mistakes! We dare not miss a single spot of filth! We want customers to see exceptional results and will do our best to get them!

People Applaud Our Values

We wouldn’t dare be this confident about people applauding our values if we hadn’t seen it happen countless times. No, we don’t mean literal applause, but the good words we receive about our janitorial service and every other offer make us believe in ourselves. Because we believe in ourselves, it’s not difficult for people to believe in us because they can’t brush us off once they see how much we value the satisfaction and complete cleanliness of any property in any circumstance!

Call Baldazo Cleaning at (903) 917-2328 and ask for our impeccable residential or commercial cleaning! The power is in your hands – to provide your property with constant cleanliness is up to you! We’re here to help, and we’ll jump at the chance to add a new customer to our roster so we can make one more property in Kilgore, TX exceptional!


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  • Move-Out Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
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